…from me, CHICKENMAN, the fantastic crime fighting fowl, and this is my Official Crusading Capon website.

I am also DICK ORKIN, or Dickie as my mommy called me, the creator of Chickenman, Secret Adventures of Tooth FairyThe Mini-PeopleThe World Famous Radio Ranch and much more.  Here, you will find info about my creative secrets and what my unique, goofy characters think, believe, live, love and why they do what they do.

Also, look for the handsome photographs of ME!

I am making the 21st Century transition from RADIO MAN to PODCASTING MAN.  Come join in.


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The Adventures of Chickenman is now available as a podcast at Stitcher Premium

The Adventures of Chickenman is a famous syndicated American radio serial that was created in the mid-1960’s on Chicago’s WCFL radio, and has been heard in the states, overseas as well as Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War. Each of the 260 zany episodes (two and a half to three minutes in length) wildly spoofs 20th century TV, Movie, and Comic book super-heroes. Story: Benton Harbor, a shoe salesman struggles with his mighty fists to strike terrific terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere as the costumed Fantastic Feathered Fowl, Chickenman. Head on over to Stitcher Premium to hear more…